Underwater Photographer Alptekin Baloğlu opened his photography exhibition “Underwater Trilogy,” a compilation of the photographs archived under the same concept..

Visited by more than 400 visitors, the exhibition comprised of two different lines of photographs. With 90 photographs, mostly taken in tropical seas, in 30 frames, having 3 photographs put in a vertical line in the same frame, the artist presented an unusual presentation technique again.

Baloğlu also presented 25 photographs of the Bosphorus from the Sea in single frames. The exhibition also included unpublished photographs that showed Istanbul from the eye of a fish.

His newly-published three-book series “Sometimes” was also introduced for the first time during the exhibition. “Sometimes” is a team of nine members who have visited a different diving point every year for the past three years. Alptekin Baloğlu collects his underwater photographs from these trips in a book. Following the Red Sea and the Maldives, Raja Ampat was published as the third book of the series, all three of which were offered in a special box. This limited-edition set can only be obtained signed from the artist.

The visitors of the exhibition also got a chance to meet Alptekin Baloğlu’s new campaign “Secrets of the Sea”. They could give support to send thousands of books to children in the Eastern Anatolian towns who did not see the sea.

After the opening, many students from kindergartens, primary and secondary schools visited the exhibition to see the underwater life. The exhibition ended on March 8, 2014.