The book from the project of ‘Reflections of Underwater’ by Alptekin Baloğlu became the first underwater photography book in Turkish language when it was published in 1999.

The book, aiming to introduce the amazing and mysterious life of underwater and to attract the attention of every person in every age to the environmental matters, succeeded the second and English version editions.

Sea stars inserting their stomachs inside the hard shelled creatures by crevassing the shells only a millimeter by their strong tentacles… Hard corals, supplying our planet with the vital oxygen for more than 500 million years… Squids, self scarifying after lying eggs to survive… Anemone fish taking the role of the leading female over after her death by changing sex… And many other mysterious stories behind photographs among 256 pages…

23cm x 33cm book of 256 pages are printed on 170 gr/m2 magnomat-satin paper and binded with hard cover.