For our third diving tour as “Sometimes” team, we have been to Raja Ampat in February 2013. One of the world’s most pristine and intact underwater life spots, Raja Ampat is located at the

easternmost point of Indonesia and the westernmost part of Papua New Guinea island.

After a journey that took nearly 2 days, our adventure began in Sarong on February 24, 2013. There was no other boat than ours in the spot where we went diving for a week. No phone, no internet, completely away from technology, we spent incredible days alone in nature… Raja Ampat was a heaven of macro life with shoals of fish, colorful soft corals, mantas, and pygmy seahorses. I do not know if there is any other place in the world where you can see three different kinds of pygmy seahorse in one dive. Think of a manta, awaiting you like a space shuttle with its 3-meter bulk in a cleaning station. Within my hand’s reach… After what you see in our book “Sometimes in Raja Ampat,” you will want to visit this place at your earliest opportunity, without doubt…

Sometimes in Raja Ampat as one of the underwater books of Alptekin Baloglu, includes 176 underwater photographs, and is published by A4 Ofset Publishing, in 160 pages, size of21cm.x 29,7cm., 170 gr/m2 enamel paper, leatherette, hard cover.

Book Price: TL 120 (Cargo + Tax included)
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