Strangely enough, many live nearly in every surrounding sea, an arm away; the project of Stars of Underwater of Alptekin Baloglu now newly surfaces the very interesting and amazing stories of living

creatures of the underwater world. Thriving on our blue planet for millions of years, marine life has its certain common factors among the seemingly endless variety of the species.

As the dusk fall, nigh dwellers take the shift from day tourers creating and motivating another kind of variety. Staring little creatures by their astonishing even stunning unearthly composed abilities of camouflaging, feeding and fertilizing. By this project, Baloglu reminds us who we are and what we owe to the nature, the one that we deteriorate more in every single passing hour, the one that is full with the mystery and the power of excellence.

The project is of the book, a documentary film and an exhibition in Tophane-i Amire premises of Topkapı Palace. The book in its specially designed cover includes the film in DVD format. The photographs are from the waters of Australia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, Sudan, The Maldives Islands, Belize, Egypt and Turkey.