Alptekin Baloglu “Bosphorus By The Sea” a fish-eye photos with France in 36.s made “World Underwater Photography Festival” won second prize in the one ..

“A Fish Bosphorus eye” photos “World” were captivated.

Alptekin Baloğlu, France, Marseille 36.s held “World Underwater Photography Festival” in “A Fish eye Bosphorus” won an important award with his slide show. Underwater photographer Baloğlu, Istanbul has prepared a slide show of photographs taken with the techniques not previously applied to the water surface, known as the Oscar ceremony of the underwater world participated in this prestigious festival. Residences on the Bosphorus, palaces, bridges, boats, mansions, mosques, fishermen and life with checks that Istanbul photo to bakarca through the eyes of a fish, Sertab Erener with an impressive review and composer Fahr Atakoğlu the piano, Sezen Aksu wrote the words “Los Angeles” slide show with music prepared by combining named “Best Photo and Music Harmony” won the prize.

Event Festival Mondial 001

Shown repeatedly to the audience during the festival slide show has seen great interest. Watching the contestants and seemed to herald positive reviews of this award the audience. “There are many different shows showing the Istanbul Watch necessarily” came several times, even my ear made comments saying Alptekin Baloğlu that his comments as valuable as prize awards ceremony after jury president said. American jury president Cathy Curch “Photography is very different and impressive, we’ve never seen before, we saw Istanbul with a view. Each photo in the show, go to Istanbul meant that we should know more about this beautiful city. The music used was fantastic. Because Turkish words in understand it, we heard such mystic and soulful music, we went to Istanbul made us feel. this music and photos was enough to fall in love with followers in Istanbul. photos and music as it is compatible with this show has gained much-deserved award, “he announced the joint decision of the jury. Event Festival Mondial 001

Alptekin Baloğlu noted the importance of this award, said these words. “This unique study has revealed an effective language in the introduction to the world of Turkey and Istanbul as a photographer and the country’s major musicians provide a common platform. Two separate creating a unique language of art is to help promote a particular city like Istanbul made me both happy and in was honored. I continue to photograph the eyes of a fish in all of Istanbul after the Bosphorus photo, I began to take photos at night the water surface with new techniques. 2010 European Capital of Culture Istanbul, I will continue my work to be recognized as a maritime city “

Won the second prize in the same competition “Bosphorus from a fish-eye” photos with won “Best Advertising and Promotion Photo” was the prize. Evaluates the different jury in the same competition in this category, seen through the eyes of a fish “Maiden’s Tower” this award is very prestigious for the world to communicate the photo gave Alptekin Baloğlu. The jury in his review “in the photo area that drew attention to this original and innovative work in language easily separated from other studies.” He said.

Baloğlu “The Bosphorus Sea” with the release of the last book of that very sound in Turkey this çalışmala that motivated him to study new appreciation seen in the world platform, he said. “After completing all of Turkey Istanbul surrounded by sea on three sides by photographs in this way, the beauty of our country I intend to photograph each side full of history through the eyes of a fish. Only the sea, not hidden located around the lakes and rivers, little-known spots and even life began to display, “he said.

Alptekin Baloğlu, in the previous year at the same festival “Stars of Underwater” in his book “The World’s Best Underwater Book” had earned the award in our country.