“The Bosphorus By The Sea” Photography Exhibition held in Pendik Neomarin Shopping Mall.. Not checked before the Bosphorus enables us to see from an angle of photographs “of 

the Bosphorus Sea” photo exhibition of 50 photographs on display. As symbols of the Bosphorus mansions, mosques, palaces hooked a fish and you’ll be amazed to see through the eyes of..

Thousands of photographers made Istanbul & Bosphorus timeless with their photos. As an underwater photographer, I tried to look at it from a different perspective.. From the eye of a fish.

“Bosphorus by the Sea” is published on 2009. I felt a weird excitement in my heart each time I dived into the Bosphorus. I had never looked at the Bosphorus from sea level before. Palaces standing in all of their grandeur, generations of residence living in the mansions on the waterside (yali), The Maiden’s Tower with its mithological presence, fishermen catching bluefish in their small row boats, freight ships… it was during this time that the foundation of this book was set…