“Stars of Underwater” is the second published book of Alptekin Baloglu. As one of underwater books in his Portfolio, this book awarded with the “The Best Underwater Book of The Year”

in 2003 by both Antibes 30th Festival of Underwater. Photography in France and the festival, “Celebrate the Sea”, of Malaysia.

The book, besides the splendid photographs of underwater, tells the tales of many interesting points of the sea life:

The first ever photographs of mating blue ring octopus, a creature loaded with doze of a hellish poison, enough to kill 26 adult persons at a time… Turtles to come back to the very same point after thousands of miles to lay eggs… Newly born turtles are struggling to reach the safety of the cool sea…

The stunning way to sleep of a turtle which had sacrificed legs to a predating shark… The coral breakfast of shoals of parrot fish and their aid to form sand by defecating the same coral after digestion… Underwater creatures, shifting color and pattern to fade from eyes… Hunting episodes of squids, laid eggs and epithalamic story of their mating… Explanation of why anemone fish change gender… Behavioral aspects of the shoaling fish like barracuda… Incredible frames of camouflaging sea dwellers. Are they extra terrestrials? Mantis shrimp, strong enough to smash a plate glass of an aquarium into pieces…

Craps that eat like humans on hosting corals and anemones… The photographs of squids that had shunted from swimming to walking as a result of the evolution… Hunting techniques of frog fish… The invisible trumpet fish, copying the pattern of the coral they hide on… The leaf fish, imitating a leaf… The doctors of underwater, cleaning off the parasites of much larger fish from groupers to sharks… Nudibranches, laying unbelievable pearl like eggs… Astonishing photographs of sea stars and their pacing in photographs taken from down… And many other amazing underwater stories with photographs…

Published by A4 Ofset, the 284 pages and 23cm x 33cm book is printed on 170 gr/m2 fine paper and presented with spectacles to view 12 special photos in 3D vision.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has supplied the libraries of entire country with the book. “Stars of Underwater” has a simple and fluent language to reach every age.

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