On 10th of October 2007, European Union has drawn the path for Marine Trade Politics and thrown a big organization for the declarations. For the first time, a Turkish Underwater

Photographer, Alptekin Baloğlu, had been invited to exhibit his underwater photographs along with this important meeting of Parliaments, journalists and commissioners.

After the cocktail party in the yard of EUC Building of Brussels, visitors had the chance to view the outstanding 3D underwater photographs of Baloğlu, exhibited in a specially designed tent.

Baloğlu is the only photographer to convert previously taken underwater photographs into 3D forms by utilizing an extensive method. When viewed through the supplied bicolor spectacles, the object of the photograph appears in 3D and let the viewer dive without getting wet. The visitors, surely, were all immensely interested in this almost live exhibition.

The host of the organization Joe Borg, The President of EU Commission of Marine and Fishery, attributed great importance to the exhibition was presented a new book of Baloğlu by himself.

Alptekin Baloğlu comments:
As Mr. Joe Borg viewed 3D photographs through the spectacles, he was impressed. I explained to him that I had aimed with my photographs to get people, especially children closer to the sea. I added that the marine life was to be saved and the first step was to introduce the marine life to make it lovable and presented him a sample of my newly published book, Secrets of the Sea in 100 Questions. When he heard some questions from the book, he became more interested and pointed that the book would be of great importance to the aim I had mentioned. I told about my priority for this book to reach the children and students in Europe. He showed his open support making me hopeful. The interest in my 3D photographs, after the ones in Paris, Moscow and Spain speeds on with my 5th international exhibition in the Festival of World Underwater Photography in Antibes of France.