The 47 minute DVD of Stars of Underwater with the sections of The Symbiosis, The Kingdom of The Sand, The Feed, The Kinship and The Fertility..

All casting the stars of underwater and a world we have been unaware.

The first ever footage of mating blue ring octopus, a creature loaded with doze of a hellish poison, enough to kill 26 adult persons at a time. Underwater creatures, shifting color and pattern to fade from eyes… Explanation of why anemone fish change gender… Behavioral aspects of the shoaling fish like barracuda and jackfish… Mantis shrimp, strong enough to smash a plate glass of an aquarium into pieces… Craps that eat like humans on hosting corals and anemones… The footage of predating poisonous lion fish and squids that had shunted from swimming to walking as a result of the evolution… Many other amazing underwater stories within 47 minutes…

Producer & Director : Alptekin Baloğlu
Editor : Ali Pasiner
Dubbing : Okan Bayülgen
Scenario & Photos : Alptekin Baloğlu
Underwater video footage : Bengiz Özdereli 
Original Music : Ergül Özkutan 
Generics & Computer FX : Digitalis
Editing : Bayram Şimşekoğlu
Voice recording : Epik Film
Project Coordination : Kuartet Advertisement

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DVD Price: TL 35 (Shipment + VAT included)

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