The documentary film of The Underwater Life in Istanbul aims to screen the underwater life of Istanbul, around Bosporus and the islands to enlighten the future projects.

Along with the dives in the Bosporus Strait like Anadolu Feneri, Ortaköy, Bebek and Çengelköy, the frequent bumps into the sea horses which are hopelessly in the list of endangered species were most exhilarating. Many other species and return of listed commercially important ones noted the stubborn hooking of the species onto the life. Schools of dolphins frolicked after the shoals of fish, indicating the productivity of the same life.

The nudibrach we have documented in the waters of Haliç (The Golden Horn) suggested hope. It was the same Golden Horn in which no living creature could have survived in recent years very due to the heavy pollution. Mating craps and the vast amount of larval forming in the water samples of the Golden Horn planted hope into the future.

Not alone did we document the precise being of soft corals but the ongoing long walks of the lobsters also exhilarated us. Besides the fish, there also are nudibranches, anemones, sponge, species of the craps and many other kinds now down there around this mega city.

Mr. Baloğlu and his team of divers performed many dives, lasting 15 days, on 20 different spots of the surrounding waters of Istanbul in May and recorded a 15 hours long underwater film besides the 25 hours long land film. Then the total footage was edited to create the 85 minutes long documentary film of the project. The documentary is of 8 parts titled as Anadolu Feneri, Bebek, Çengelköy, Ortaköy, Haliç, Kızkulesi, Büyükada and YassıAda.

Producer & Director : Alptekin Baloglu
Executive Producer : Mutlu Gunay
Dubbing : Okan Bayülgen
Scenario & Photos : Alptekin Baloğlu
Underwater Camera : Senalp
Original Music : Aklan Akdag
Mastering : Ugur Hasirci
Editing : Ozlem Dundar
Scientific Consultant : M. Levent Artüz
Underwater Technology: İdeal Teknoloji Marine,
  Dr. Ejder Varol, Dr. Murat Egi
ROV Operator  : Gönen Eren, Teoman Ahiskalı
Diving Crew  : Birkan Babakol, Asım Dumlu,
   Hami Ünlü, Sinan İnceler,
   Fatih Hüseyinoğlu