History Foundation, Topkapı Palace, premises of Darphane-i Amire hosted the exhibition of photographs of Stars of Underwater by Alptekin Baloğlu on 28th of August 2003.

The place of exhibition itself was exhilarating with its mysterious smell of history under the very high ceilings of 7 separate rooms while 7 giant sizes of very specially produced photographs hypnotized the viewers.

Each room of this extraordinary place embraced one section of the book. As the amazing abilities and lives of underwater creatures attracted immense attention, the 3D photographs in the final room affected any viewer to the roots.
The documentary film of the project was on the screen in another room continuously.

Lundbeck Pharmacology Company sponsored the exhibition, viewed by 9000 visitors.

After scrutinizing the separated 7 rooms of the exhibition, the visitors then were taken to lower yard for the cocktail where they met a surprise. To the astonishment of 1000 visitors, on the stage, while six mesnevi instrumentalists performed a song composed by Ömer Faruk Tekbilek, two dervishes started sema -whirling meditation of dervishes- with their traditional skirts on.

As the landscape photographs slided on a large screen back, underwater photograps appeared on the waving skirts and completely white costumes of the whirling dervishes.

After the ceremony and speeches of accepting congratulations, the film of the project was projected. Right after the final speech of Okan Bayülgen -the narrator of the film- every visitor was presented the book of Stars of Underwater.